Thursday, October 24, 2013

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AM/PM Exterminators for Seattle Pest Control

A recent article by ABC news is warning of the recent rise in bed bugs infestations across the country. These nasty pests are invading homes in record numbers, leading to further assaults from mice, rats, and other vermin on residential attic spaces, basements, and crawl spaces. AM/PM is leading the charge in professional Seattle pest control to eradicate these unwanted visitors in a quick and timely process. Not all pest exterminators are as experienced with ridding homes of bed bugs as you might think. These nasty creatures tend to stay well hidden, and parents do not become aware of the infestation until they receive an embarrassing note from the children’s teacher. AM/PM is providing free estimates and consultation services for Seattle pest control of bed bugs with very reasonable rates, same-day services, and long-term prevention services. Contact AM/PM Exterminators today.